Katarina Kovač, MSc

Katarina Kovac

Katarina Kovac was born and educated in Zagreb. In 2004 she enrolled in economics at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management. During her studies, she was a demonstrator in the course Macroeconomics. She graduated in 2008.

After completing her studies, she worked as an intern at Badel 1862 d.d., and in 2010 began working at ZSEM as an assistant at the Department of Economics, where she is still active today. She participated in teaching several economics courses (Basics of Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economics for Managers and International Economics), in Croatian and English.

In addition to teaching, she was the main coordinator of two international economic conferences, worked as the coordinator of the Department of Economics in the AOL project (Assessment of Learning) as part of obtaining AACSB accreditation, and was a member of the ZSEM Expert Council as a representative of assistants. She attended two summer schools: John Carrol University in Cleveland, Ohio (USA) and Higher School of Economics in Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia). In 2012 she went to Prague for a master’s degree at CERGE and a Macroeconomic Forecasting course. Since 2015, she has been employed as an economist researcher at the Croatian National Bank, Directorate for Economic Analysis.