Karin Nigl, MA

Karin Nigl

Karin Nigl, MA has been a German language lecturer at ZSEM since 2004. In bilingual teaching, in the XVIII. high school she teaches sociology, politics and economics as well as sociology, politics and economics and ethics in IV. high school in Zagreb.
In 2000, she received her master’s degree from Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. After that, she passed the exam on the methodology of teaching German as a foreign language. Since 2002 she has worked in Croatia as a German language teacher in primary schools, as a lecturer, instructor, German language translator in foreign language schools (Berlitz, Ferial, Presto, LinguaBoutique) German language consultant in companies. In 2015/16, as a lecturer and correspondent of the German language, she was part of the EU project “Mobi-Pro: the job of my life”. She is the co-author of the school textbooks “Lernen und Spielen”, Alfa.