Jurica Brajković, PhD

Jurica Brajković

Jurica Brajković is a lecturer at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management since 2002 and a Senior Economist at Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar since 2004. As a lecturer, Jurica teaches Introductory Microeconomics and Intermediate Microeconomics as well as Managerial Economics and Energy Economics. He holds BA and MA degrees in Economics from Boston University, USA and a PhD in economics from Southampton University, UK.

In addition to the academic track, his professional experience is related to consulting in the energy sector. Mr. Brajković has been engaged on numerous projects in Central and Eastern Europe covering electricity and gas sectors where he served as a consultant to a wide range of clients including the World Bank, Energy Community Secretariat, KfW, EBRD, USAID and national energy companies. Jurica’s expertise lies within the domain of capital budgeting, regulatory economics, economics of fossil fuels and renewable energies. Prior to joining the Energy Institute, Mr. Brajković worked as an economist at the Strategic Planning Office, Government of Republic of Croatia.