Ivan Šverko, PhD

Ivan Sverko

Born 1972 in Rijeka, where has finished primary and secondary school. Graduated 1997 at the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka. Finishing his master degree in Finance during 2000 at the University of Kentucky. Doing his Ph.D. at 2006 at the University of Zagreb. He teaches as the Part-time Professor teaching two courses: Money and Banking & Real Estate Finance. Šverko has published many articles, one book, and one book as a coauthor.


Peer Reviewed Journals:

  1. Prga, Ivica, Vrdoljak, Tadija, Šverko, Ivan: MANAGEMENT OF LIQUIDITY RISK USING FOREIGN EXCHANGE SWAP CONTACTS, Ekonomski Vjesnik, 02/09, Osijek 2009.

Peer Reviewed Proceedings:

  1. Prga, Ivica, Šverko, Ivan, Martinovski, Zoran: CHF LOAN BUSINESS IN CROATIA: DID WE LEARN SOMETHING?, Circle Conference, 2011
  2. Prga, Ivica, Šverko, Ivan, Martinovski, Zoran: CREDIT RISK MANAGEMENT IN CROATIAN BANKING SECTOR – ARE THERE ANY CRISIS EFFECTS?, Odyssey 2010, Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb, 2010
  3. Sverko, Ivan, Prga, Ivica, Vrdoljak, Tadija: NON PERFORMING LOANS AND LOAN LOSS PROVISIONS: THE CASE OF CROATIA, ICES 2010, School of Economics and Business, Sarajevo, 2010


  1. Šverko, Ivan: Managing Noncredit Risks of Croatian Financial Institutions, Hrvatski institut za bankarstvo i osiguranje, Zagreb, 2007.