Ivan Čevizović, PhD

Ivan Čevizović

Ivan Čevizović was born on 21st of August, 1980 in Nova Gradiška. He earned his undergraduate degree in Accounting and his master’s degree in Accounting, Auditing and Finance at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb. He earned his PhD in 2012 at the faculty of Economics, University of Osijek. He worked for Reconsult, ltd. where he was an auditor. Afterwards he worked as an assistant in the Accounting Department at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb until 2012, when he became a member of the Croatian Association of Accountants and Financial Experts where he works as a consultant.

Ivan Čevizović is a member of the Working Group of Experts on the preparation of Croatian Financial Reporting Standards, and a member of the Accounting and Finance editorial board. He was appointed as a member of the Audit Public Oversight Committee in 2009.