Darko Jureković, MSc

Darko Jureković

For almost 15 years, Mr. Jureković has been involved in a number of projects in education, 8 of which he led as part of Microsoft’s program “Partners in Learning” in Croatia, as well as projects in Croatia financed by the European Union and the World Bank. He is also one of the participants of the project introducing the Internet in primary and secondary schools in Croatia between 2000-2001. He is a member of the Association for Project Management (PMI chapter Zagreb, Croatia) and the holder of the PMP certification.

After completing his studies in electrical engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zagreb, he completed his postgraduate studies in project management at the University of Walden in the United States (Master of Science of Project Management).

Mr. Jureković often gives lectures and workshops on project management for teachers in primary and secondary schools, organized by the Agency for Education, where he actively promotes ideas and concepts of project management and actively involves educators and institutions in projects financed by the European Union. As part of the “Partners in Learning” program, he encourages the production of digital educational content of project management intended for the educational community, and the preparation of students and teachers for its introduction (publicly available on the portal http://www.ucitelji.hr), as well as webinars (remote lectures) entitled “Learning together”.