Andrijana Mušura Gabor, PhD

Andrijana Mušura Gabor

Andrijana Mušura Gabor, Ph.D., was one of the first in Croatia to receive a doctorate in economic psychology from the Faculty of humanities and social sciences, University of Zagreb in 2013. At the Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM) she teaches courses at undergraduate and graduate program. Because of strong interdisciplinary profile, she develops curricula at the intersecition of psychology, economics, marketing and organization. She teaches both in Croatian and English. For many years she is a head of institutional research at ZSEM, which includes satisfaction surveys, entrance and exit surveys, and predictive analytics. She specialized through study stays at partner universities in the USA, Spain and the Netherlands.

She authored numerous papers in the field of economic psychology, mostly presented and published at international conferences and in high impact peer-reviewed journals. He actively cooperates with the business sector through applied research and consulting services. In 2009, she founded the ZSEM Behavioral and Experimental (BEE) Lab, with a goal of collaborating with public and private organizations interested in developing products and services based on the application of behavioral science. In cooperation with small and medium-sized companies, she applies for EU projects and has so far, as a leading researcher, collaborated on several projects funded by the EU Innovation voucher grant. She actively cooperates with the European Research Council (ERC). She has held numerous seminars and executive workshops for Croatian companies on the topics of decision making, teamwork, emotional intelligence and leadership. She is recognized by the public as an expert in the field of consumer psychology, business decision making and the practical application of behavioral science. She writes for business portals and gladly responds to media calls and invitations to speak at business events. In 2021, she became a member of Global Association of Applied Behavioral Scientists (GAABS).


  • Consumer behavior
  • Organizational behavior
  • Management
  • Social psychology
  • Behavioral economics
  • Performance measurement and reward systems (MBA)

Refereed journal articles

  • Mušura Gabor, A., Stojnić B. & Ban Ostić D. (2020). Effects of different nutrition labels on visual attention and accuracy of nutritional quality perception-results of an experimental eye-tracking study. Food Quality and Preference 84, 103948,
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  • Mušura, A. & Petrovecki, K. (2015). Mental accounting and related categorizations in the context of self-regulation. Journal of Business Management, 9, 34-46. 

Refereed conference presentations and published proceedings

  • Mušura Gabor, A. & Nakić, M. (2020). Simple, but Not Simpler: How Directiveness of Front-Of-Package Nutrition Labels Affect Perception of Nutrition Quality. Presented at 14. International Conference on Behavioural Economics and Public Policy, ICBEPP 2020.
  • Mušura, A., Pribicevic, V. & Bušljeta Banks, I. (2017). To save or not to save? Content analysis under the Mindset theory of action phases. Presented at 1st International Scientific Conference on Economics in a Changing World, Umag, Croatia.
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  • Mušura, A. & Šimac, A. (2014). Investors Decision Making Style, Resistance to Framing and Some Individual Differences. Presented and Published at 2nd International OFEL Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Textbook contributions

  • Mušura Gabor, A. & Mikloušić, I. (2020). Using technology to predict leisure activities and quality of life. In K. Wac & S. Wulfovich (Eds.), Quantifying Quality of Life: Incorporating Daily Life into Medicine. Springer Nature (Forthcoming).
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Public lectures

  • Food Choice and Consumer Behavior – Brain and Nutrition. Participating in round table at International nutrition congress organized by the Croatian Federation of Nutritionists in Zagreb, 2019. URL:
  • Does public policy need behavioral economics? Presented at ZSEM Business Insights, organized by ZSEM, November 3rd, 2017. URL:;
  • Behavior design for digital financial services. Presented at F21: Fintech & Insurtech conference, organized by BUG, 2019. URL:
  • Effect of product labelling on perception of product quality: experimental results. Presented at “Scientific Tuesday”, organized by Economic Institute Zagreb, 2019.
  • Effects of product labelling on perception of product quality. Presented at 12. Meet up “Functional food in Croatia”, organized by Croatian Chamber of Economy, 2019. URL:
  • Behavioral principles of Homo digitalis. Presented at Digital Takeover, organized by 24sata, 2019. URL:
  • The truth about decision making: Why companies need behavioral science. Presented at Innovate HR- Adriatic Innovation Island conference, 2018. URL:
  • People analytics – Importance of employee data. Presented at Disrupt HR – Time for change event, organized by Croatian Employers’ Association. URL: