ATLANTIC Management, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation

The ATLANTIC Department of Management, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation at ZSEM aims to develop critical thinking skills, entrepreneurial skills, and student innovation. The courses provide the knowledge to overcome the initial challenges of business start-up, growth, financing and profitability. To become a successful manager, you must first learn to lead, manage, and work effectively.

The speciality of this department is the largest number of guest lecturers – after gaining a deep understanding of the most successful companies in Croatia and the world, but also the most common reasons for failure, you will be able to turn your ingenious business idea into a successful company.

In addition to numerous theoretical examples, students are enabled through interaction and group work to acquire and develop the skills needed to better cope in a business environment. By gaining knowledge from management, developing an entrepreneurial spirit and following new digital trends, you are becoming more competitive in the globalized labour market.



Goran Oblaković

Goran Oblaković, Ph.D.

Head of department
Matej Nakić

Matej Nakić, mag.psych.

Assistant of department
Ivan David Dogan

Ivan David Dogan

Assistant of department

Karmela Aleksić-Maslać, MSc

Ivija Bernatović, MBA

Mirna Koričan Lajtman, PhD

Ivona Škreblin Kirbiš, PhD

Zoran Barac, PhD

Franjo Borović, MSc

Andrea Budin Posavec, MSc

Andrijana Mušura Gabor, PhD

dr. sc. Dino Ivan Dogan

Dan Ebener, PhD

Julie Felker, PhD

Darko Jureković, MSc

Siniša Krajnović, PhD

Zlatko Mateša, PhD

Magnus Resch, PhD

Randy Richards, PhD

Bruno Filipi, MSc

Nadir Paulović