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Expert practices - new technologies - a safer future

About project

With the implementation of the project “Professional practices – new technologies – a safer future” professional practice will be improved as a compulsory course in three undergraduate studies and introduced to the graduate MBA program of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, field teaching will be improved, teachers and employers will be educated, and the Career Center will be improved.
According to the “Study on professional practice in higher education”, the representation of professional practice in professional studies is 84%, and in specialist graduate studies 46%, while the representation of students attending professional practice is 78% in professional studies and 36% in graduate studies. Through professional practice, students acquire practical competencies important to employers and thus increase their employment opportunities. The study states that, at universities where practice is a mandatory course, 70% of students are employed in the companies where they did their professional practice. The lack of education of mentors in learning while working and evaluating students’ work is also a problem. Higher education institutions do not have developed student centers to support students during their education and early career development.

Project goal

The goal of the project is to improve professional practice at three undergraduate studies and introduce it to the graduate MBA program of ZSEM while strengthening the competencies of teaching and non-teaching staff in learning while working and contribute to increasing the practical competencies of ZSEM students through the implementation of professional practice and the establishment of a department in the Career Center.


Purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is to improve the employability of students by increasing practical skills for work through the improvement of professional practice at ZSEM.


Target groups


teachers and non-teaching staff of the applicant - their need for project realization is to raise their competences in learning through work. When choosing teachers, their affinities and gender equality were taken into account.


of ZSEM students - their need for project realization is the development of practical skills and better competitiveness on the labor market. Students will be selected according to acquired competencies and interests. ZŠEM-a – njihova potreba za realizacijom projekta je razvoj praktičnih vještina i bolja konkurentnost na tržištu rada. Studenti će biti odabrani sukladno stečenim kompetencija i interesima.


higher education institution - ZSEM's interest in implementing the project is to increase the quality of the educational process through increasing the representation and quality of professional practice in study programs and increasing the education of teaching staff in learning through work.

The ideal candidate at the "ideal" interview


  • Student Future Day

    Student Future Day is a traditional career fair organized by the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, initiated by students.

    The goal of this project is to present ZSEM and its students and alumni to successful employers. Student Future Day enables quality matching of supply and demand on the labor market, thus enabling companies to have easier access to motivated students and faster and more efficient finding of quality students for permanent and temporary student jobs, creating a database, while helping ZSEM students to find professional practice and potential permanent employment, depending on the needs of a particular company at a certain moment. By participating in the SFD, students can make an easier transition from studies to the labor market.

    This event represents the top of student placement on the labor market and continuous cooperation with the most successful companies on the Croatian market.

    Participating companies SFD provides access to the best students of ZSEM, in order to recognize among them ideal candidates for practical work and student or permanent jobs. By participating in this event, companies strengthen their image as a desirable employer among the upcoming generations on the labor market.

  • Guest lectures
  • Company visits
  • Meetings of students and alumni
  • Fresh Career Start
  • Women in Business Conference
    • I. part of conference: October 13, 2021 Julie Felker, PhD: Gender Differences in Leadership – Fact versus Fiction
    • II. part of the conference: TBD
  • Radionice o ishodima učenja

    Workshops on learning outcomes were organized for the Project Team of the “Professional practices – new technologies – safer future” project.

    • June 9 and 26, 2020 – Milena Sakoman: HKO methodology and tools
    • July 3 and 13, 2020 – Milena Sakoman: Correct recording of learning outcomes according to HKO

    After the workshops, the project team created regulations for professional practice for undergraduate studies and the MBA program available at the link.


  • Workshop on mentoring and evaluation of students
    • March 3. and on March 22., 2021, Ph.D. Valentina Pirić held workshops on the topic of mentoring and evaluation of students – training of teaching staff


  • Study trip H-FARM Bootcamp
  • Procurement of computer equipment

    In order to enable undergraduate and MBA students to do part of their professional practice at ZSEM and thus acquire certain skills in the field of new technologies, a computer classroom was equipped with 30 laptops.



Zagreb School of Economics and Management
Expert practices – new technologies – a safer future
Applicant: Zagreb School of Economics and Management
Total value of the project: HRK 3,502,147.44
Amount of EU support: 100% of the total value of the project
Project implementation period: 09.03.2020. – 09.09.2022.
Contact: career.centar@zsem.hr
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