22 November 2022

ZSEM TalkZS & DrinkZS - Zadar


We invite you to ZSEM TalkZS & DrinkZS, which will be held on Tuesday, November 22th, at TI tapas, vino & piano at 6 pm in Zadar. Topic: Marketing innovations in tourism Panelists: Selma Čmelik, CEO, Zona plus Martina Pernar Škunca, Marketing Director, Paška Sirana Josip Zurak, CEO, Authland Moderator: Marija Oblaković, Head of Marketing, ZSEM

Panel i networking event u Zadru


Meeting, networking, exchanging information and talking with our alums is enough reason to participate in ZSEM TalkZS & DrinkZS in Zadar. Location: TI tapas, wine & piano, Ul. Juraj Biankini 8c We look forward to meeting you!

panel i networking event u Zadru

November 22th, 2022

ZSEM TalkZS & DrinkZS - Zadar


Selma Čmelik

Selma Čmelik is the owner and director of Zona Plus, a digital marketing agency from Zadar. Professionally, she is a tourism communicator, and she works and improves digital communications.
Selma’s business is based on creating internet ads that bring new customers to small businesses, writing texts and content optimized for search engines, running social networks and managing their reputation on the internet. In short, she works and assists in the digital marketing activities of small businesses.
A year ago, Selma launched a new project, the online B2B portal čarter.hr, aimed at improving the business of charter companies in Croatia. It is a unique and the first website dedicated to a specific niche, and its goal is to connect all business participants in the maritime industry by providing information, digital tools and other resources for business improvement.
Privately, Selma is the mother of three sons and in her free time, she tries to spend quality time with them, go on short trips to nature and use every opportunity to read a good book. Selma also volunteers, so she is the president of the Association of Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities “Lampica”, and through her work in the association, she tries to help parents to become familiar with the rights of children who have specific difficulties in reading, arithmetic or attention disorders.

Martina Pernar Škunca

Martina is the marketing manager at Paška Sirana and the president of the Association of Pag Cheese Producers. Pag cheese is the oldest cheese on the island of Pag, with which the story of Pag cheese began – the most valued Croatian cheese that put the island of Pag and Croatia on the cheese map of the world. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka, and after a short professional career at school, which is also her first love, she enrolled in an MBA in Marketing at ZSEM, which opened up new perspectives for her because until then, her wishes and ambitions were focused on education and work with children. In her work, she had many challenges as well as opportunities. As one of the excellent opportunities, she points out the participation in the Missions of the then European Commission Commissioner for Agriculture, Phil Hogan. She feels privileged to have had the opportunity to promote Paška cheese because it is one of the most recognizable Croatian products. For Martina, this job is more than work, and Paški sir is more than food and cheese. It is part of her tradition, and heritage and something she is very proud of.

Josip Zurak

After completing his MBA studies in Marketing at ZSEM, Josip Zurak is doing an internship at Solaris Beach Resort near Šibenik. After graduation, it was the continuation of his journey in tourism. His path took him a little away from tourism towards online media and digital industries because, after a year in Šibenik, he moved to Netokracija, where he worked for several years in positions of business development, i.e. media commercialization in cooperation with various big brands and through different formats and projects. He combined digital and tourism into one through the Authland project, which he is launching in 2020 with several co-founder friends – an online marketplace for booking tours, activities and experiences, with a focus on authentic services in the eno-gastro segment, nature and with people as the main component.

November 22th, 2022

ZSEM TalkZS & DrinkZS - Zadar

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