21 February 2022

Trip to Medvedgrad

Students of the third year of the undergraduate study of Economics and Management in the courses “Marketing Management” and “Marketing Management” have the task of creating a marketing plan for Medvedgrad. To better acquainted with the Medvedgrad Visitor Center, Professor Matea Hanžek, MSc, MBA, organized field classes. ZSEM students may be the first to see the newly renovated Medvedgrad center.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. The project “Improving visitor capacity for sustainable management of the Medvednica Nature Park” is the most worthwhile in the history of the Medvednica Nature Park, which will regulate the “Medvedgrad Visitor Center” and improve visitor infrastructure. Emphasis was also placed on the careful development of tourism in the Park, i.e., visitor management through the Visitor Management Action Plan in the Medvednica Nature Park.