22 March 2022

Elections for the President of the Student Union of ZSEM

The Student Union acts as the umbrella organization of ZSEM students and works accordingly to promote their interests. By enrolling at ZSEM, each student becomes a member of the Student Union and thus gets the opportunity to participate in all Student Union activities and work. The benefits of active participation in the Student Union are numerous, and the most important is

  • the development of student social skills,
  • meeting colleagues,
  • developing networks of acquaintances,
  • promoting the school and the students themselves.

Letter from the President of the Election Commission

Dear colleagues,

The Dean of ZSEM announced the elections for the President of the Student Union on March 22, 2022. Nominations submitted to the Election Commission by March 11, 2022. to e-mail anamarija.tabulov@zsem.hr. The announcement of the candidacies will be made public by the Election Commission on the ZSEM website and the Notice Board on March 14, 2022. Nominations that will not be made by Art. 6. The rules on elections for the ZSEM Student Union will be rejected. The list of rejected candidacies will also be published on March 14, 2022.

Candidates whose candidacies were rejected have the right to object to the Complaints Commission until the end of the next working day from announcing candidacies, i.e., 14.03.2022. Any student can challenge the validity of the candidacy.

The Complaints Commission will decide on the complaints on March 15, 2022.
Every ZSEM student can apply by Article 14 of the Law on Student Union, and Other Student Organizations (OG 71/07) repeats the year while studying.
Candidacy, Art. 6. Rules on elections for the Student Union of ZSEM contains:
– Name and surname of the student, year of birth, and student ID number
– Confirmation of the student status and confirmation of enrollment in the current academic year, a transcript of grades, which proves the absence of obstacles to candidacy under Art. 14 of the Law on the Student Union and other student organizations (OG 71/07)
– Candidate’s signature

President of the Election Commission
Anamarija Tabulov, bacc.oec.