8 July 2021

Business Trends in Tourism, Hospitality and Events

The Zagreb School of Economics and Management invites you to the MBA Open Days where professor Hrvoje Maljak, PhD will give a lecture on the topic

“Business Trends in Tourism, Hospitality and Events”.

  • how to conduct marketing research and develop digital communication strategies with focused business tactics and objectives in both tourism, hospitality and events field
  • the benefits of digital marketing, develop content strategies for a variety of digital marketing channels, understand social media channels, digital PR (public relations) and Email marketing
  • understanding web design, user-centered design and the relationship with digital marketing as well as the importance of SEO

The professional lecture will be followed by the presentation of the Graduate MBA program under the leadership of the Associate Dean, Maja Martinović, PhD.

MBA Open Days will be held on July 8 at 3pm via ZOOM.

Can you confirm your participation here.

We look forward to seeing you!