7 September 2021

Beginning of the academic year

New Campus

Students and professors of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management are starting the new academic year on a modern campus.

The school entered one of the newest and most modern VMD buildings in Vukasovićeva Street, near Ilica on Črnomerec. On this new modernly equipped campus, on more than 1000 m2, there are interactive classrooms, rooms for multimedia meetings, a living room for students, teachers’ offices, student services, the International Office, the Career Center and the Dean’s Office.

The new campus is located next to a large complex in which the Croatian Catholic University has been successfully operating on 4000 m2 for years. ZSEM students and teachers also have at their disposal a modernly equipped auditorium – a hall for large gatherings and meetings, and the University Library of the neighboring Croatian Catholic University.

ZSEM will also enable its students to watch lectures online from well-equipped IT classrooms, from which lectures can be watched live with the help of advanced video technology.

There is a spacious parking lot near the lecture halls, there are also successful companies in the building such as Degordian, MediaToolkit, Bornfight, and for exercise and socializing there is an indispensable gym and cafe.

We have had the most modern technologies in our teaching for years, and a complete e-learning system has been built in our country for twenty years. ZSEM was the first in Croatia to ensure the holding of online classes for all students, as soon as in March 2020 there was an urgent need for this.

Since September 2020, classes have been held hybrid. Every other week, the students had live classes in the halls, respecting all valid epidemiological measures.

For almost twenty years, the school has been developing study programs modeled on the best American and world business schools. With international accreditation and ranking among the best schools in Europe, it is time for even better technology and environment during teaching.

“The new campus in modern air-conditioned spaces in the new university-scientific heart of the city is another step towards raising the quality of our teaching and student life,” said the Dean, Mato Njavro, PhD.