20 March 2018

ZSEM Open Day

We invite you to visit us at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management and to learn about our internationally recognized business programs and how ZSEM became the first AACSB-accredited business school in Croatia and SouthEast Europe.


We look forward to seeing you at our presentation on March 20th at 4pm in the Franck Superiore Espresso lecture hall.


— Become a ZSEM student for a day! —

The Zagreb School of Economics and Management has organized visits to various lectures for all high school students who are interested in our undergraduate study programs. Here, you will see for yourself the expertise of our lecturers as well as experiencing the modern teaching methods that they use in the classroom.

Lectures that will be open this semester for these visits are listed below. If you are interested in attending any of these visits, please send an email to marketing@zsem.hr indicating which lecture and date of lecture you wish to attend.


Undergraduate program in Economics and Management

Poslovne financije, dr. sc. Dario Silić
– srijeda od 17 do 19 sati
– teaching language – Croatian

Ponašanje potrošača, dr. sc. Andrijana Mušura Gabor
– utorak od 10 do 13 sati
– teaching language – Croatian

Behavioural economics, dr. sc. Andrijana Mušura Gabor
– Thursday from 13 to 16h
– teaching language – English

Applied creativity and Innovation, dr. sc. Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec
– Wednesday from 14 to 17
– teaching language – English

Upravljanje marketingom, doc. dr. sc. Maja Martinović
– utorkom od 11 do 13h ili od 13 do 15h
– teaching language – Croatian

International Management, dr. sc. Goran Oblaković
– Wednesday from 9 to 12h
– teaching language – English

Osnove prava, dr. sc. Ljerka Mintas Hodak
– petkom od 9 do 11h
– teaching language – Croatian

Human Resource Management, dr. sc. Ivona Škreblin Kirbiš
– Thursday from 12 to 14h
– teaching language – English

Macroeconomics, mr. sc. Gordi Sušić
– Tuesday from 17 to 19h
– teaching language – English

Strategic Management, dr. sc. Goran Oblaković
– Thursday from 14 to 17h
– teaching language – English

Undergraduate program in Business Law and Economics

Europsko ekonomsko pravo, dr. sc. Tomislav Sokol
– srijedom od 18 do 20h
– teaching language – Croatian

Undergraduate program in Business Mathematics and Economics

Game Theory, dr. sc. Kristina Šorić
– Tuesday from 11 to 14h
– teaching language – English

Mathematical principles of Economic Analysis, dr. sc. Kristina Šorić
– Thursday from 14 to 16h
– teaching language – English

Application of software packages in mathematics, dr. sc. Kristina Šorić
– Wednesday from 15 to 17h
– teaching language – English