23 October 2019

PMI monthly gathering at ZSEM

Dear colleagues,

The monthly PMI gathering for October will be held at ZSEM.

After the welcoming speech by the host, Sonja Prishtan will give a presentation on the project that received PMI recognition for the project of the year 2018. It is a project creating digital educational content for mathematics and physics subjects for elementary and secondary schools. The project leader is Algebra d.o.o. of CARNET, and Sonja was the project manager.

This will be followed by a lecture that filled the halls in Vienna and Belgrade, a lecture on data visualization, delivered by Renee Ahel and Joseph Saban. Both lecturers have more than 10 years of experience in the aforementioned field, and will show how human visual perception works (shapes, colors, dimensions, distances, connectivity of elements ...) and what is important when creating a graphical representation of data.

In the end, ZSEM Undergraduate Undergraduate Degree, Executive MBA Program Manager, and English Studies Degree, Ph.D. Goran Oblaković, hold a short workshop on business process management. The task of each team will b the production of a given number of products, with everyone's favorite toy - LEGO cubes, within the stated deadline.

Please make sure you register your arrival in order to speed up the check-in procedure when arriving for the gathering.