6 November 2019

Invitation to 5. ZSEM Ball

5. ZSEM Ball

Dear students, alumni, professors, employees, parents, and friends of the School,

modeled after the tradition of prestigious world universities, ZSEM organizes an event that along with dinner and music entertainment shall bring us together with an incentive to create an active community that will initiate positive changes in society. We are very pleased to announce that this year’s program will be enriched with the Dean’s List, an award ceremony for excellent students.

We are honored to invite you to the 5th ZSEM Ball that shall be held on Saturday,

November 30th, 2019, in the Crystal Ballroom of the Westin Hotel beginning at 8:00 pm.

We hope that you shall grace us with your presence and embellish this evening by becoming a part of a tradition that has already grown to many, and that together we will all celebrate our and your successes!

All excess funds raised will be invested in scholarships for gifted and needy students through the Ivan Hodak Foundation. To this day ZSEM has donated HRK 3,516,652.00 and 102 scholarships have been awarded for undergraduate studies.

You can confirm your arrival at ball@zsem.hr or on 098 9191 422, by November 15, 2019, at the latest.