22 November 2019

Business and ADHD

How to have a Successful Career and ADHD? What are the difficulties that adults with ADHD face in the business world? Which positions are better suited for them, what style of business suits them the most?

In this panel you will have the opportunity to hear the experiences of successful business leaders and how they “overcame” difficulties, what was their advantage and what helped them build their careers.

Panelists will also highlight the importance of neurodiversity through the prism of business, and how important it is for the future of a successful business to form a team of people through their neurodiversity.

The panel moderator is Aco Momcilovic President of the MBA Croatia Association, Psychologist, HR Specialist and Successful Entrepreneur, and panelists are Marko Ferek, President of the Awakening Association, Vice President of ADHD Europe and Successful Entrepreneur, Tomislav Franić, Massage Therapist, Coach, Photographer and Activist, Mirta Jarnjak , OCM Expert, Saša Pavlić, founder of the Rijeka branch of the Awakening Association, activist and entrepreneur, and Andrijana Musura Gabor, economics psychologist and professor at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

The panel is held in cooperation with the Association Awakening – ADHD, MBA Croatia, Zagreb School of Economics and Management – ZSEM and the Center for English for Children.