5 June 2019

26th Annual Global Finance Conference

Global Finance Conference is an international conference organized by the Global Finance Association and the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, which will be held at ZSEM on May 5-7. June 2019.

The Global Finance Conference offers students the opportunity to gain insight into topics such as asset / sovereign funds / hedge funds / ETFs / SWFs, accounting / taxation and taxation issues, banking and financial services / investment banking, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, E-Finance, Crowdfunding, Cyber ​​Security and Global Finance & Banking, Derivative / Financial Engineering and many more. The Global Finance Association is a non-profit organization and also a network of academic circles and communities providing financial services around the world. Its mission is to encourage discussion, exchange of ideas, spread and improve education, learning and work of the global financial economy through a forum for financial experts. We hope you will join us at a world-class conference and take part in debates on the most relevant financial topics of the present.