Your mindset will help you accomplish your goal

We define a goal; we figure out how to reach it; and then we face what we were most afraid of: the unwanted problems that discourage us – the obstacles that we think are unsolvable. Our motivation decreases, and our dreams and goals remain just that – unrealized dreams.

Let me share a moment in my life which motivated me to study and learn about the importance of our thoughts and how to turn them into deeds. I have always had difficulties with my weight, and was always the last one to be chosen into a team when playing soccer. I always had to take on the role of the goalkeeper, as it is usual for overweight children. As a child you do not think about the consequences this is going to have on your life, and how it will affect your self-confidence. When High School started, I tried to socialize more. They say that first impression counts and that this opportunity is only offered once. Unfortunately, my self-confidence was low because of my excess weight, so I was that „creepy“ kid that always adjusted his shirt to look slimmer.

One day, a friend was wearing a dark blue shirt with white dots, and I remember thinking that it was the most beautiful shirt I had ever seen. The next day I went to the shop, tried it on, but all I could see in the mirror was my big self. From that day on I decided to step into another world and start my journey.  I started to work out, paid attention to what I was eating and did everything in my power to lose weight. Fast forward – I lost 110 pounds and never allowed myself to fall back to old habits.

I started reading a lot of books about just that – having a winner’s mindset. If you want something really badly, you are ready to do anything to get it, despite all obstacles that you have to overcome and sacrifices you may have to make. To achieve any big goal, a lot of work and effort is necessary, but you most of all have to get out of your comfort zone. Once you find yourself in a situation where everything seems to be working against you, you begin to apply the rule of the „Survival of the fittest“: Those who are able to adapt and face all challenges, win. It does not matter how slowly you are progressing, it is important that you never give up. If the door is closed, get in through the window. If both the door and the window are closed, crash them, avoid them, do whatever is necessary to overcome the obstacle and do not lose sight of your goal. Through each of our falls and failures we learn to accept the process that is needed to push us foward. This process is precisely what divides winners from losers. Winners accept the process and face every challenge, while losers say that they cannot do it and that it’s overwhelming. The truth? With the right mindset, everyone can achieve their dreams, without exception. Everyone.

The English word „fear“ can have two meanings:

Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise.

The choice is yours.

Author: Jakša Magdalenić