You are not even aware of how much you will learn during an internship

”You are not even aware of how much you will learn during an internship. Go for it!“

Lucija Matešić, a ZSEM student, decided to share the experiences she gained during her international student exchange and internship. She spent her entire fourth year of studies abroad. During the first semester she studied in Reutlingen (Germany), a city with 115.00 inhabitants, 80.000 of which are students. There are five faculties and seven student dorms in the city. Apart from this, the city is a hub for big corporations such as Henkel, Hugo Boss, Bosch and others. This makes it easy for students to find an internship. However, Lucija’s paths took her to Paris.

Besides her wish of doing an internship, Lucija decided to go to Paris because of the prestigious faculty Sciences Po, located in the heart of the city. The faculty offers a mixture of political science and economics, which was the perfect fit for Lucija, who went to law school in Zagreb for two years. She completed an internship at the company „Click and Boat“, which rents boats (something like Airbnb for boats). She was the business developer for the Croatian market, and worked on the expansion into the Croatian market and the improvement of Croatia as a sailing destination. Lucija convinced her employers of her capabilities and got offered a full-time job at Click and Boat, which she will start in October.

Lucija advises students to take advantage of all opportunities offered by ZSEM and says that they will learn much faster and much more through doing internships and going on exchange than from just studying theory. Students who are interested in going abroad should pay a visit to the International Office, go through all options, seek consulting, and then select a destination. It’s possible to go on four student exchanges to 150+ different partner universities in different countries, on all continents. Students who want to do an internship should drop by the Career Center. It’s even possible to do an internship at ZSEM. Since her first year, Lucija did an internship as a tutor in the law department, and later worked in the Graduate School office. She is glad about having a lot of practical experience and once again tells students to just „Go for it!“

Magdalena Bušić