There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

You are a successful alumni of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management. What prompted you to choose ZSEM’s program? What knowledge and skills have you gained during your studies that have given you an edge over colleagues from other institutions in the job market?

When choosing a college, I knew that I wanted to study economics and management, and the choice was easy both for the study program itself and for ZSEM’s rank among the top business schools with international influence and the very words of praise I received from acquaintances and friends. What I would certainly single out is the unique quality and comprehensiveness of each course, the unique approach to each student individually, and the top lecturers who are reasonably among the leading Croatian business and economic experts, and are always accessible. Also, while studying at ZSEM I gained international experience which is of great importance.

What would you advise our students to do for a successful career? Is there a particular aspect of study and work that you should concentrate on if you want to find your dream job easily?

First of all, make the most of the opportunities ZSEM provides (and there are countless of them!). All courses should be given equal attention, which is why you will have a wide range of knowledge when completing your studies that will greatly assist you in finding a job. Also, choosing a professional practice is of great importance because on this occasion you will gain business experience that will make it easier for you to find your first job.

Did you find a job easily after graduation? What challenges did you face in the job market?

I started working during my studies and stayed at the same company after graduation. I became a mother at the beginning of my second year, which was definitely my biggest challenge with work and study.

Today you work as a director in an international company expanding into the Croatian market. What do you consider to be your biggest strengths for the position?

Uh, you might ask this to the owner of the company I work for. I dare say that apart from work experience, my biggest strengths are ambition, organization, creativity, desire and willingness to work with people and international education as well as foreign language skills.

What challenges do foreign companies face when entering the Croatian market? What do you consider to be the biggest barriers to adapting to the domestic market – from the business to the cultural aspects of the business?

When entering the Croatian market, the biggest challenge was finding the right contacts – primarily lawyers, accounting and after opening a company and employees. The Croatian mentality as well as the way it works is very different from the Israeli one (where the owners come from). There, people are very diligent, ambitious, it is normal to work over 10 hours a day while the picture is a little different here.

What new business practices does ExMental bring? What kind of candidates are you looking for to work for this company? Do you think ZSEM’s students and alumni would do well in this kind of work? Why?

ExMental d.o.o. is a company that operates internationally and primarily provides publicity, brokerage, market research and all other trade related services provided by our partners. Our services also include defining the market, finding and contacting potential clients for our partners, as well as defining competitors in the market. Our partners are reputable business entities engaged in trading various types of products, including financial instruments, all in accordance with applicable regulations and regulations. We are looking for employees who love sales work, who are successful in sales, responsible, and willing to learn and thrive. I am sure that ZSEM’s students and alumni would be a great fit in our young, dynamic, international environment with the knowledge they gained while studying.

What is your recommendation for ZSEM students to break into the international labor market?

My recommendation is to try to gain as much knowledge, skills and practice, regardless of those acquired during your studies, that you will be more experienced with and thus far more competitive in the job market than your colleagues. Embrace both the opportunities and challenges you face as well as some new experiences as you will gain some new knowledge and skills through those opportunities. You know how to say, “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. ”

Interlocutor: Naike Dombre

Journalist: Ivan Pemic