My goal is to open my own accounting service

I am an MBA student at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, majoring in Accounting, Auditing and Tax. In addition to the obligations required by the MBA program, I have successfully completed the Career Center, under the leadership of Mr. Ivan Pemić. I also accepted the job of the Chair of Finance and Accounting, and thus became part of the team of accounting lecturers for managers, a course attended by undergraduate students.

My interest in ZSEM, after graduating from high school of economics, was aroused by the presentation of ZSEM students. Finally, the selection of the faculties was very simple, given the affinity for the field of economics and the fact that ZSEM is a highly recognized business school both in Croatia and worldwide. The high quality of lectures, the expertise of the professors and their commitment to students working in small groups have made me competitive in the job market.

What I would like to emphasize is compulsory professional practice during undergraduate studies. It was my first challenge, but also a step forward towards entering the business world. I did my professional practice in accounting service “Računoservis”, during which I performed not only administrative tasks, but also posting inbound and outbound invoices, compiling VAT forms, as well as records of materials. My work not only sought to fulfill the teaching obligation but also to broaden my knowledge, therefore I practiced the practice for 4 years during the summer holidays.

ZSEM offers the opportunity to participate in numerous projects, of which I would like to highlight two of the most important during my undergraduate studies. The opportunity to participate in the first project was given to me in my third year as part of the Marketing Management course in which I worked on a marketing plan to increase the sales of PIKO products by PIK Vrbovec. At first glance, it seemed like a very easy task, but it turned out to be the opposite. The fact is that a job well done at its root hides a lot of work and effort. The project itself took 3 months. The goal has been achieved. The team was ranked in the top 5 best projects, and thus the presentation was presented to PIK Vrbovec marketing experts.

Another project, also one of the larger projects and events at ZSEM, is Student Future Day. The goal of SFD is to get to know and cooperate with ZSEM students with the business community in Croatia. My role as an ambassador at the Career Fair highlighted me in front of the business community and enriched me for another student experience. Attending speed dating, talking to company representatives, as part of SFD, has allowed me to better prepare for future business opportunities, pointing to possible enhancements to the elements of job interviewing. The Career Center recognized my involvement as an ambassador at SFD, hired me as an assistant, and today I play a key role in organizing this year’s SFD.

I would also like to highlight the participation in the “Loreal Brandstorm 2016” competition, which was mentored by Professor Ana Kustrak Korper. A three-member team worked to increase sales of the La roche posay product line. In addition to the secondary research, we personally visited pharmacy outlets and analyzed sales against competitors.

Enriched with practical and theoretical knowledge, upon graduation, my goal is to open my own accounting service. I want to tell you to follow your dreams, do the job you love and only the sky is the limit!

Daliborka Zovko