"It's important to be online ”- Andrea Benovic and Iva Ricov talk about a bold entrepreneurial venture

You can use free handgun information as soon as possible with the traditional docks of mediation, as well as the way you go. Download in quick poduzetnice Andrea Benović in Iva Ricov to get the best prices for students at ZEMU. Iskoristivši svaku priliku, praksu, tečaj i iskustvo koje su mogle, ove odlučne poduzetnice nastavljaju graditi blistavu karijeru usprkos izazovima na današnjem tržištu. Kroz svoj rad one pomažu prezaposlenim ljudima održavati uspješne drusttvee mreže pružajući im jedinstveni, cijeli package usluga, a ne samo jednu izoliranu djelatnost.

I: Hi! First, I want to congratulate you on your new entrepreneurial venture! Your courage and dedication to progress and work is truly amazing. What did your trip to that decision look like?

A: Hi! When I graduated from high school I decided to enroll in ZSEM and it was a really rewarding experience. I was given a lot of opportunities to participate in projects, conferences, internships and various jobs, and I used everything I could. I became interested in marketing when I started working in the marketing office at ZSEM, and something always pulled me back into marketing no matter what else I was doing.

I: I also completed my undergraduate studies at ZSEM, and I met Andrea there. A couple of years later, we started working together on the RnB Weekend project, which brought us back together, and when we started working together we saw that we had the same experiences, goals, visions and strategies, and decided that the best outcome was to maximize the potential of this opportunity and open up our company in August this year. It’s called the Simply Mint, and we’re very proud of the fact that we’re constantly evolving and growing in the business community.

I: Which experiences and values ​​at ZSEM would stand out as the most useful?

A: Definitely Student Future Day that I was at every year and where I got my first major job at a large corporation. I worked in accounting, and although this was never my first interest, I gained the essential knowledge and skills that I use today to run my agency. She would also point out the Summer School where I really learned a lot through the relaxed atmosphere and the diverse and stimulating environment, but also had fun and learned a lot about people from other cultures.

I: ZSEM instilled in me very good work habits because of the many commitments we had. I also learned a lot from the subject of marketing. This subject and the professors who taught it provided me with the perfect foundation for learning and working in digital marketing.

I: Andrea, which students would you recommend to Summer School?

A: Absolutely everyone! I went to Summer School in Lisbon right after my first year and never regretted it. I could listen to the subjects I was interested in, but without much pressure and stress triggered by passing the exams as if on an exchange. There is also the opportunity to choose easier subjects and focus on meeting new people and overcoming language barriers.

I: When and how did you realize that you wanted to have something of your own, that is, to be your own boss?

A: After doing 3 internships and working in various companies and agencies, I realized that I had acquired enough knowledge and skills to handle it myself. It was also during this period that I realized that I was most interested in marketing, and that digital marketing was the key to the future success of any business. I opened my agency about a year ago. What motivated me the most is that I can schedule time for myself, and that I can do anything from creative to administration, which makes me really happy because I am a very versatile person who does not like monotonous work.

I: What obstacles do you encounter as a young entrepreneur who wants to prove her skills in today’s business market?

I: Unfortunately, people still condemn others based on their first impression. It can be difficult for us sometimes because we are two young women who are considered inexperienced by men, but by the end of the meeting we show them how things really are, and are surprised by our knowledge and abilities. Another problem lies in the fact that people do not understand how digital marketing is actually developed and complicated, but also crucial for success.

I: What values ​​do you consider to be the most important for someone to succeed in your business, in today’s work environment?

I: In order for anyone to succeed in almost any business today, I find it necessary to be persistent, combative, confident, organized, able to communicate well, and always work hard to come up with the best version of yourself.

I: What sets your company apart from its competitors in the industry?

A: What distinguishes us is that we offer you a complete package of services, not just one activity such as advertising. With us you can expect services of photography, making visas, arriving in the field and events, advertising and the like. We work very hard to provide our customers with a complete service they will be happy with.

I: What are your plans for the future and is there one project you are most looking forward to?

I: The plan for the future is definitely to expand our network of clients and employees. We do most of the projects in the gastronomic direction, gastro marketing, since we have the most experience and we like it the most.

A: We are preparing a special project for Advent in Ban Josip Jelačić Square, which we are particularly looking forward to. But we will not spoil the surprise for you, come and see for yourself why this project is so special.

I: Since you don’t like the monotony of what your average day looks like? What is the most difficult component in your own business?

A: Uh, we don’t have an average day! Each is different, more dynamic, more turbulent and more exciting than the last. We also have a lot of clients who are not from Zagreb, so we are often on our way, and since we do all the content for the agency (visuals, photos, advertising, etc.) we have to fully commit to what it means to be often in photo sessions outside States. Of course, there are days when we can work from home in our pajamas, which comes as a break for us. I consider this one of the great advantages of owning a business.

I: If you love your job, it will never be difficult, but to us it is definitely the “hardest” or hardest job of dealing with dry land administration and studying the law of a certain activity.

I: Finally, tell us what you expect from the people on your team:

A: The people we work with must be responsible, organized, trustworthy, they should follow trends and have innovative ideas, but they must also be prepared to sacrifice their time if something suddenly comes up.

I: We will soon have a need for students to work, and we will definitely turn to ZSEM, because we know we will get the students with the best knowledge there.

I: Thank you for your time and wish you much success in the future

Author: Magdalena Bušić