From student to real business woman!

Veronika Mini, or as I call her “Veki”, is one of the first people I met when I entered the student world. She was my mentor – the person that took away my fears about college with her helpful advice and that helped me start this new chapter in my life full of optimism.

Today she is a self-confident young woman who has taken advantage of all the opportunities ZSEM offers, and has both feet firmly on the ground.

She has accomplished many things during her student life at ZSEM that have that led her to where she is today. She was the secretary of the Sports Student Association, where she was also the manager and  coach who successfully led her team to competitions. At the last UniSport Play competition in Varaždin they won a third place. As an excellent coach she raised the Sports Student Association to the next level and provided the faculty with something to be proud of. Paris, Milan and Istanbul are just some of the places where our volleyball team competed. In Paris they even won against the hosts and won a great second place in the finale, bringing home a trophy. Veronika was also a member of the NEXT association, which she says helped her a lot in her development. When asked about why she decided to join these organizations, her answer reveals that she likes to combine work and leisure.

“I like to be in good company and to have fun, but I also like to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills in a good working environment.”

After a successful first year at ZSEM, she decided to become a mentor, which she believes gives her inner satisfaction:

“I like to help others and share useful tips. I want to make someone’s first days at the school as easy as possible. I think ZSEM offers a wonderful experience of education that I personally experienced and want to transfer to others. “

First, Veronica didn’t consider going on exchange. However, as her student years went by, her fear of speaking English was growing. Realizing that it was high time to leave the comfort zone, she went to Barcelona for exchange and says that it was the best thing she could’ve done for herself. Now, she even has a friend from Colombia with whom she communicates often over social media and whom she plans to visit. Living far away from her family taught her many things that were really crucial for her personal development, and English almost feels like her mother tongue now.

During her studies, she got a job at Grand Auto, where she was able to put theory into practice. She is grateful to her professors and colleagues who have passed on their knowledge. Her passion for finance and accounting has brought her to “Paradiso”, a family-run company, where every day she is progressing.

Today, Veronika is a successful young woman who has gained a lot of knowledge and skills during her studies. Being part of NEXT, the sport association, going abroad, landing an excellent job, developing as a person, and ultimately contributing to the family business with her own originality – not everyone could do that. The only thing we can say is – Bravo Veronika!

Author: Ellen Butković