Combining Business Mathematics and Economics, and Medicine

Luka ŠižgorićLuka Šižgorić is a third-year student, enrolled in the Business Mathematics and Economics program. After graduating from the Tituš Brezovica Gymnasium in the Upper Town in Zagreb, he chose to enroll at ZSEM. Not being enough for Luka, he decided to enroll at the Zagreb School of Medicine in parallel to ZSEM.

He has always been very versatile and is used to having a tight schedule due to swimming professionally and setting new state records since the age of 5. He was one of the few students who loved math and wanted to take advantage of this by entering the world of finance and enrolling in the Business Mathematics and Economics program.

“This is the only study program in Croatia that combines math with economics. I think that here I will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to compete in a business world where competition is very big. “

Already in his first year, he found his name on the Dean’s list. Besides always being interested in medicine, the fact that his mother is a doctor pushed him forward to take on another adventure and studying at two colleges simultaneously.

“It’s not always easy and I need to devote a lot of time to studying, but I’m sure that this effort will eventually pay off.”

If you now think you cannot meet him anywhere else except hunched over a book in the library, you’re wrong. “When you do what you love, there’s time for everything,” Luka tells us.

We wish Luka all the best and hope that he will be able to combine his interests and the knowledge that he will gain at both the School of Medicine and the Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

Author: Mia Bilogrević