5 tips for ZSEM freshmen

Here are five useful tips for freshmen to make the most out of their study experience.

Stay in touch with your SPOT mentor

If you have any questions about studying at ZSEM, your SPOT mentors are here to answer them. They are not only available for you at the Orientation Day, but during all four years of studies.

Organize your precious time for studying

Going from studying continuously during High School to entering college often results in students relaxing too much. It is important to plan and organize time for studying. Determining where you are going to study is essential. In addition to the place, it is necessary to determine the day and time that best suits you for learning. Once you create a habit of studying regularly, you’ll pass with flying colors.

Pass courses through midterms

One of the opportunities offered by ZSEM is passing a course through midterms. Make your life easier and avoid going to the general exams!

Maintain good relations with your colleagues who are your classmates today and your business partners tomorrow

Not only will studying at ZSEM be more fun if you become acquainted with a lot of people, you will also gain acquaintances that will be of great importance to you once you’re out in the business world.

Participate in as many student activities as possible

If your student life and your student obligations allow it, engage in clubs and activities at ZSEM. The decision is up to you whether you’ll join the Student Council, NEXT, the Marketing Club, the IT Club, the SixSigma Journalism Club, or the Financial and Investment Club. Not only will you spend your spare time doing something useful, but you will also meet people who share your interests.

Author: Antonia Sabol