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Personalizing your education is an important part of your bachelor’s journey at ZSEM. Through our concentrations you will dive deeper into the areas of International Business, Marketing in the digital era & AI, Finance & Fintech and Sports Management.


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You’ll find knowledge of not only theory, but also of real-world business challenges. Knowledge at ZSEM goes beyond predefined academic areas, extending to a variety of relevant, and often interdisciplinary topics. Interdisciplinary approach helps you learn how to succeed across different areas and create solutions for the future.

In all our BBA concentrations you will learn from world-class leaders, industry experts, top academics, and business professionals who will form you into a leader capable of tackling the most complex challenges.

You can choose a concentration in first year or delay your choice up until the second or third year. If you wish to continue with the broader curriculum in Economics and Management, you don’t have to pursue additional specializations.

You are choosing one of these concentrations

  • International Business

    Concentration in international business prepares students for a successful international career. In today’s globalized world, companies are prioritizing employees with a global perspective.

    An internationally accredited business school with award-winning professors, business leaders and an incredible alumni network will foster your global mindset. You will understand global business, economic contexts, and multicultural environment and learn how to be a team leader or a team member.

    Students will gain extensive international experience through group projects and collaborations with international students at ZSEM or through student exchange at our 150 partner universities.


    • Business in global environment
    • Međunarodne financije
    • Globalni rast i start -up kompanije
    • Digital business and platform ecosystems
    • Interkulturalno pregovaranje i prodaja

    Student exchange at some of the 150 partner universities is also an opportunity for studying international business. Some of ZSEM’s partners, leaders in this area are:

    1. KU Leuven – Faculty of Economics and Business (Leuven, Belgium)
    2. EDHEC Business School (Lille & Nice, France)
    3. MGIMO University (Moscow, Russia)
    4. ESSEC Business School Paris (Paris, France)
    5. University of Michigan – Flint (Flint, Michigan, USA)
    6. University of St. Gallen (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
    7. Hohenheim University (Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Marketing in the digital era & AI

    Marketing is imperative to any successful business strategy. A holistic approach includes developing skills and agility in making marketing decisions in a dynamic business environment. New generations of consumers, including Millennials and Generation Z, were born in the digital age, are digital natives, and are constantly online. Digital marketing is vital to engage these generations. It allows more effective resource consumption and measures investment return.

    Understanding Artificial Intelligence is crucial to achieving success in digital marketing transformation. AI helps you improve your consumer journey, generate your content, optimize advertising campaigns and increase return on investment (ROI). Although human ingenuity is crucial to engage your customers, AI helps you understand Algorithms and Data, eliminates the risk of human error and helps you gain real-time insights into your customers.

    You will learn how to use some of the most powerful IBM tools and learn about real-world examples of marketing campaigns. Artificial Intelligence will help you revolutionize the company’s marketing strategy. Marketing & AI specialization equips you with a new set of skills, concepts, and tools to help you build competitive brands and execute successful digital marketing strategies.


    • Digital and Social Media Marketing
    • Digital Trends and Analytics in Marketing
    • Konkurentska prednost kroz efikasno brendiranje
    • Ekonomija iskustava
    • Inspirativni govori & Storytelling

    Student exchange at some of the 150 partner universities is also an opportunity for studying marketing in the digital era & AI. Some of ZSEM’s partners, leaders in this area are:

    1. France Business School – Amiens (Amiensis, France)
    2. Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, School of Management (Steyr, Austria)
    3. Burgundy School of Business (Dijon, France)
    4. PSB Paris School of Business (Paris, France)
    5. Ajman University (Ajman, UAE)
  • Finance & fintech

    This specialization will prepare you for a career in the finance industry – one of the most significant and exciting global industries. Choosing this specialization brings you one step closer to becoming an ACCA qualified finance professional. ACCA is the global body for professional accountants with a worldwide reputation for excellence, and rigorous qualifications recognized worldwide. Multinational companies worldwide seek ACCA-trained professionals because they are qualified for their strategic thinking, technical skills and professional values.


    • Intermediate Financial accounting
    • Intermediate Management accounting
    • Intermediate Corporate finance
    • Taxation
    • Auditing

    Student exchange at some of the 150 partner universities is also an opportunity for studying finance & fintech. Some of ZSEM’s partners, leaders in this area are:

    1. Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU) (Singapore, Singapore)
    2. Frankfurt School of Finance Management (Frankfurt, Germany)
    3. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Chengdu (Chengdu, China)
    4. Hohenheim University (Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Sports management

    The sports industry continues to be one of the crucial players in media and entertainment. In 2020, it was worth over $500 billion and is growing due to the growth of emerging markets. This unique specialization gives you insights into the most successful business models in the world’s sports industry. This specialization is an excellent choice for professional athletes, former athletes or individuals who wish to work in the sports industry.

    You will gain the necessary knowledge about the sports industry and develop managerial and entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in the sports industry. This specialization will focus on sports management, leadership, organizing and managing events, and marketing and sports within the industry.


    • Introduction to Sports Management
    • Management and Leadership in Sports
    • Management sportskih događaja
    • Marketing u sportu
    • Poduzetništvo u sportu

    Student exchange at some of the 150 partner universities is also an opportunity for studying sports management. Some of ZSEM’s partners, leaders in this area are:

    1. Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic)
    2. University of North Florida (Jacksonville, North Florida, USA)
    3. University of Central Missouri (Warrensburg, Missouri, USA)