21 svibnja 2019

5. New Europe Business Forum

Ove godine NEBF postaje 16+1 Youth Forum. a glavni govornik je Erik X. Li, political scientist as well as Founder and Managing Director of Chengwei Capital.

“The 16plus1 format is an initiative by the People’s Republic of China aimed at intensifying and expanding cooperation with 11 EU Member States and 5 Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic,
Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania,  Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia) in the fields of investments, transport, finance, science, education, and culture. In the framework of the initiative, China has defined
three potential priority areas for economic cooperation: infrastructure, high technologies, and green technologies.
The vision of 16+1 Youth Forum is to become Eurasian platform for connecting young leaders from 16+1 member countries and empowering them to take advantage of unparalleled opportunities that will arise as a result of Europe-China collaboration.
16+1 Youth Forum will bring together the most valuable young talent from 16+1 countries and build a platform to cooperate, exchange ideas and to promote development in a sustainable manner. Finally, the 16+1 Youth Forum will promote
Eurasian collaboration by building lasting partnerships among the participants.
16+1 Youth Forum organizers will select and invite youth leaders from 16+1 countries  to attend the 1st 16+1 Youth Forum that will take place in Croatia in 2019. These youth leaders will be selected from various domains such as: academia, business, entrepreneurship, NGOs, politics, etc. Full list of speakers will be disclosed soon.”