ZSEM VS. Canadian Universities

Hello to all prospective students! My name is Niko and I am a Canadian first year student who started at ZSEM in August of 2016.  I am often asked by people both in Croatia and Canada about why I chose to study in a place so far from home.  I answer with some variation of the country being beautiful, the opportunity to make my own decisions, and to get in touch with my Croatian roots.  What I prefer to tell them about, however, are the reasons I chose to stay.

ZSEM offers an experience that Canadian universities never did in its commitment to putting students first and building a strong sense of community while maintaining its validity through the AACSB accreditation.  At my previous university students were treated as numbers in a system which is very typical of a large institution.  By being more selective and having smaller class sizes, ZSEM puts a focus on students that would be impossible at other universities.  In my experience both the teachers and the administration care about the success of their students professionally, scholastically, and personally.  School run programs like NEXT foster the development of students resumes through entrepreneurship.  Teachers are more than willing to go the extra mile finding a peer tutor or arranging extra classes outside of the timetable if content proves challenging.  ZSEM has even built relationships with local real estate agents to help ease the stress of finding accommodations in a country where you might not speak the language.  These examples don’t even begin to cover the list of ways the school goes above and beyond what’s expected, but are meant to assure you that a team of well organized professionals will be behind you during your time at ZSEM.