Interview with ZSEM alumni Julian Herzog


Tina Ereš:  Could you tell us about something about what you’re currently doing and how you like it so far?

Julian Herzog:  I am currently doing my internship at the U.S. House Of Representatives with Congressman David Schweikert. He is on the Ways and Means Committee and represents the 6th district of Arizona. The people in the office are amazing and the Congressman is fantastic. Here, I am attending Committee hearings on Foreign Affairs, European Union related events, hearings and briefings on the New Economy, while being able to learn more on entrepreneurship and its role in the U.S.

T.E.: After graduating from ZSEM, what happened?

Julian Herzog: In a nutshell, after my studies at ZSEM I was accepted in the very prestigious and elite one-year Master’s program of the Technical University Berlin coordinated with the German Foreign Service.

T.E.: At ZSEM, were you exposed to an environment in which you could develop your biggest talent and what are some of the skills you acquired during your time in Croatia?

Julian Herzog:  ZSEM provides an environment where any driven student can accomplish his goals, the professors will take their time after lectures to discuss ideas, projects or help you understand whom to reach out to. I would argue, that ZSEM helped me further develop my entrepreneurial interests by supporting my ideas and encouraging me to take calculated risks. In a nutshell, the faculty wants you to succeed and will go the extra mile, if they see a determined and talented student.

T.E.:  In your TEDx Talk you say that your greatest talent is finding and recognizing talented individuals. Did you meet any interesting people at ZSEM that helped you further your career or that had a big impact on you?

Julian Herzog:  Absolutely, there are some truly remarkable students at ZSEM and they have become dear friends. I will say this, in Croatia there is a general “no, can do” attitude and that is something which I always try to combat and make everyone understand, that when smart people come together anything can be done. One of the things I enjoyed most about ZSEM was a healthy “it can be done” attitude.

T.E.: What experiences or opportunities that you took at ZSEM left a lasting impression on you?

Julian Herzog:  I love the Croats, they have been truly amazing to me, friendly, polite and especially at ZSEM there is a strong community, where people will stick together and help each other. I will always cherish the fond memories I have made at ZSEM, where I have experienced incredible, genuine professors and students.

T.E.: What are your plans for the future?

Julian Herzog:  I will be living in Washington D.C. until May and then finalize my Masters. Afterwards, I will return to the U.S. where I will start a software company which will solve a crucial communications problem between Democratic Governments and their voters.